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    Defined Contribution Scheme

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Not sure what pension you are in?

You don’t pay any contributions directly to the Scheme, but instead agree to reduce your basic salary by an amount equal to the pension contributions you’d otherwise pay to the Plan/Scheme (called Salary Sacrifice). Contributing to your pension in this way is beneficial to both you and the Company from a tax and National Insurance contributions perspective.

If you’re an active member of the Defined Contribution Scheme, you can make additional contributions via salary sacrifice to ‘top-up’ your pension savings. For example, if you earn £30,000 per year and you make a 5% contribution (before tax and NI is deducted), the money is paid directly into your pension by the Company, and you benefit from Tax and NI savings.

Can I change how much I pay?

You can change your contribution rate monthly via Spectrum. The Company will then adjust their contribution accordingly.

There are limits on how much you and the Company can contribute to your pension tax efficiently. To find out more please visit the BNP Paribas Defined Contribution pension microsite.


In certain circumstances, you may be able to transfer your benefits from other pension arrangements into the Scheme – please click here for further details.

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